Virsec: Facilitating Continuous Application-aware Workload Protection

CIO Vendor In today's modern era, technological advancements have significantly improved the connection between people and businesses. However, the emerging technologies come with critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited by financially-motivated hackers. In conjunction with this, the introduction of new regulatory norms is contributing to the cybersecurity market growth. BFSI, IT, ITeS and the government predominantly define this market share. These organizations expect the enterprise security solution provider to secure their digital channels against malicious attackers without creating a negative experience for themselves or their customers. Every leading company's priority is designing a secure customer journey that is a relatively engaging yet safe online and mobile experience for legitimate users. In addition to ensuring resilience against cyberattacks, organizations are expected to improve and adapt digital channels that meet regulatory demands and fulfil consumer requirements.

Harnessing the power of the novel Virsec Security Platform (VSP), Virsec, incepted in 2015, is equipped to instantly detect and stop known or unknown attacks during runtime, sans signature or prior knowledge requirement. The platform has been designed and developed with deep application awareness and runtime visibility. Built on patented AppMapTM technology, VSP uniquely maps the trusted software stack across web, host, and memory layers and legitimate execution flow, without learning or manual efforts.

Rethinking the Approach to Security
Unlike other security tools designed for threat hunting and investigation, the platform focuses on ensuring system integrity, maintaining application control, and preventing user provided data turning into malware that allow bad actors to seize control of vulnerable workloads.
"VSP is the only security solution to deliver a zero dwell-time defense that counters threats within milliseconds to prevent infection of server software components, and much more," reveals Satya Gupta, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Virsec.

Virsec is the only vendor to converge critical workload protection capabilities in a single solution (VSP)­ including application control, system integrity assurance, protects the entire attackable surface of the application from being exploited at runtime. This includes host, framework libraries, web layers, and all runtime elements, whether on-premises, in the cloud, in container environment, or in a virtual machine. "Virsec is the only cybersecurity company that can protect software while it is running by first extracting highly granular knowledge of how your software will execute - and then at runtime monitors the application's actual execution and immediately stopping anything that the software is not supposed to do," elucidates Satya.

VSP is the only security solution to deliver a zero dwell-time defense that counters threats within milliseconds to prevent infection of server software components, and much more

He goes on to explain how most tools available in the market today lack the depth of protection that the robust VSP platform offers for server-side protection. This includes visibility into highly sophisticated attacks whose code unfolds in memory during runtime (as code executes) and the ability to ensure protection action as events happen. "Other solutions are unable to detect evasive and unknown attacks that build out in memory or that originate from a compromised supply chain (not the network) without indicators of compromise," adds Satya.

Cybersecurity, as we know it, is a rapidly evolving domain and Virsec aims to continue to invest in product development and add new capabilities to its flagship platform, ensuring that today's leading commercial and government organizations remain protected.