10 Most Promising Enterprise Information Security Solution Providers - 2019

10 Most Promising Enterprise Information Security Solution Providers - 2019

The growing importance of data as a critical business asset any enterprise can possess has led to a shift in the mindset of CIOs towards enterprise information security. One of the big trends today in the enterprise security space is designing and adopting novel enterprise information security architecture to align the IT department’s approach towards security with the business needs of the organisation. Maintaining a focused security strategy that is aligned with business needs helps enterprises assess both internal and external security threats to mitigate them well in advance. However, designing enterprise information security architecture is not just about deciding which security solutions to deploy or which security aspects to focus on; rather it involves integrating security deep into the business processes. Enterprise information security architecture of any organisation should be defined by its business objectives and address its security needs. So, businesses are looking for a solution provider who can address their security risks in line with their unique business needs.

Enabling enterprises to find the right solution provider, CIOReviewIndia proffers a list of "10 Most Promising Enterprise Information Security Solution Providers - 2019". This compact list displays an inventory of skilled vendors with industry rich experience, technically adept teams and a proven track record. A panel consisting of prominent CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team has meticulously researched and locked down on the final 10 companies who we firmly believe can help businesses in addressing their security issues.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 10 Most Promising Enterprise Information Security Solution Providers - 2019.

Top Enterprise Information Security Solution Providers

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
Optiv Security Provides cyber security solutions and services in the areas of Threat Management, Identity and Data Management, Risk Management & Transformation, Cyber Operations and Cyber Digital Transformation.
Company Name Company Description
Axar Digital Services Provides end-to-end security solutions centred around Corporate Governance.
Confiex Data Room Offers virtual data platform for secure data sharing both within and outside of the enterprise firewalls.
CyQureX Provides security solutions in the areas of Third Party Risk Protection, Secure Mobile Communication, Data Protection and Security, Content and Email Security, Enhancing Secure Remote Connectivity...
Delphix Offers Data Management services that focus on improving communication, integration and automation of data flows across an organization.
Netsach Global Provides services such as IT GRC, Risk Management, Infrastructure Security, Data Protection and Threat Management.
Seclore Provides data-centric Risk Management solutions to Banking, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Legal and Telecommunications industries.
SecurelyShare Offers an integrated security platform that secures and encrypts files across the enterprise, on mobile devices and in the cloud.
TAC Security Offers cyber security consulting for Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Assessment, Network Security Assessment, Mobile Application Security Assessment and...
Terralogic Provides end-to-end Enterprise Support Services including IT Professional Consulting, Virtualization & Cloud, IT Managed Services, Help Desk and Monitoring, Network & Security Ops Center services