Fluidech: Developing Robust Security for Businesses

CIO Vendor The demand for Enterprise Security solutions is rising rapidly as new waves of threats are emerging in today's digital-driven world. In short, security is re-born at the cusp of digital transformation. With digital adoption rising at an unprecedented pace, cyber threats have changed in modus operandi, how they attack, where they attack, mode of attack and its impact. Hence, the market's growth can be factored across changing threat landscape, increase in awareness, push from the regulators, stringent compliances & privacy laws among others. The major expectations of clients are positioned around the effectiveness of services offered by players in this space. They expect that resiliency from threats must be truly delivered, maintained well, and stay secure within their budget.

Fluidech has been one of the most promising MSSP companies positioning itself strongly with a comprehensive set of service capabilities and solutions portfolio. The knowledge of threats behaviour, wisdom around faster response & recovery and the maturity in threat hunting and prevention services has made Fluidech a reliable partner in the enterprise security domain.

CIOReviewIndia engaged in a conversation with Gaurav Gupta, Founder & CEO at Fluidech to find out more about the company's competency in the industry.

Tell us more about the robust security practices involved in your assessment/consulting services.
Our assessments do not just cover technical assessment of customer workloads, but includes applications, infrastructure etc. from security standpoint business practices, operational processes, and procedures. This is frequently beyond the scope from customers' request and encompasses all areas. As a result, we contribute knowledge and competence in all sectors of business and technology. Most importantly, our practices in maintaining knowledge upgrades and continual process improvements make the consulting practice much more robust. That being said, we monitor benchmarks to ensure we upgrade ourselves with the developments on compliances as well as technology innovations.

How has your technically-adept team of cyber security engineers been aiding clients in meeting current and future security needs?
Our team of seasoned professionals helps understand not just the threat applicability specific to customers' workloads, but also assists in selecting right solutions, implementing them effectively, integrating them together for an effective security posture, and also setting up policies, processes and procedures to ensure that security posture is maintained well. Our team also assists customers in determining effective techniques for meeting compliance standards with the greatest efficacy and efficiency.
Shed light on your Managed IT security services and its various features and specifications.
Our managed security services are built strong on people, processes and technologies. We have certified and experienced professionals across technology solutions and compliances. Our efficient processes are built on the NIST framework and developing further for MITRE. Also, our SOC provides effective monitoring and responsive resolution, which is further being developed using AI & ML algorithms for remediation.

Summarily, with high false positives removal we are able to ensure rapid detection and resolution. All this is backed up by an effective periodic review, periodic external audits and stringent knowledge upgrade processes.

End-point security solutions ensure unified security and management of any business-critical devices, including mobile devices, fixed endpoints, and server environments. With respect to this, elucidate on your end-point security solutions.
Endpoint security solutions essentially need the ability to build a strong insight, analyze behavior patterns to detect threats & anomalies, report vulnerabilities and also have faster resolution capabilities. All these capabilities are essentially brought in with efficient management and administration. We work with leading solutions in endpoint security solution categories including EDR, ZTNA, DLP, and NAC, to name a few.

Our practices in maintaining knowledge upgrades and continual process improvements make the consulting practice much more robust

How has been the overall journey of the company since its inception? Walk us through the growth it has received in terms of clients and geographical expansions.
We started as a consulting company delivering advisory services and solutions to startups and SMEs. This brought us demand for managed services, which further with our experience and expertise helped us organically grow our business into the enterprise and government sectors as well. We've then explored expansion to other Southeast Asian countries and the US through alliances. Now, we are building direct presence in other geographies to meet our clients' demand there. Our SOC services launched three years ago are now geared to position AISOC (artificially intelligent SOC) services equipped with the right abilities for intelligence, detection, response and resolution and further with auto-remediation capabilities.

What would be the future roadmap for the company going forward?
We're focused on developing excellence in our MSSP practice with a team of experienced professionals, comprehensive technology stack, upgraded processes and further use of AI and ML. This coupled with reliability in recovery procedures will help us not just be the partner of choice, but also build cost efficiencies which we can pass on to customers for better ROI on their security investments. We are also gearing up on our global expansion plans with these offerings; thus covering compliances and regulators of different geographies.