Fatpipe Networks: Effectuating Speed, Uninterrupted Connectivity With Enhanced Security

CIO Vendor Enterprise Security is gaining more importance each day due to the increased cost of security breaches. The average total cost of a data breach increased by nearly 10 percent last year, the largest single-year cost increase in the last seven years. Affected parties suffered from lost business, increased customer turnover, lost revenue owing to system downtime, and reputational damage. The lost business represented the largest share of breach costs. These facts indicate that it is critical for Enterprises to enhance their Security Architecture to have increased Network efficiency and adaptability.

Enterprise CIOs should prioritize simplicity, security, efficiency, and adaptability as they embark on the Network transformation journey. Secure SD-WAN meets all of these needs and is becoming more critical because of its capability to provide multiple functionalities including security into a single software-driven device. SD-WAN provides all functionalities needed in a network compared to purpose-built separate devices for each function such as Router, Firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems, Unified Threat Management, and more.

FatPipe - the inventor and multiple patent holder of SD-WAN, and WAN Optimization products specializes in offering solutions that excel/transcend WAN failures to maintain business continuity with improved Network Security for Enterprise Network Captive Data Centres, Cloud Workloads and Network Edge Infrastructure.

Sd-Wan Innovators With Blockchain Type Data Transmission Security
"FatPipe Networks is the inventor and multiple patents holder of Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), reliability, security, and WAN Optimization products. FatPipe specializes in providing solutions that transcend Wide Area Network (WAN) failures to maintain business continuity for thousands of customers, including numerous Fortune 1000 customers, over the last 15 years," says Sanchaita Datta, President, Chief Technical Officer and Inventor of SDWAN.

"FatPipe Networks provides one of the most significant leaps in networking and security innovation. FatPipe has invented a unique way of securely transmitting data over lines with Multi-path Security also known as MPSEC, which provides an additional level of fortification for business-critical traffic throughout a client's enterprise architecture. FatPipe products not only provide increased security but also obfuscate internet traffic, making it almost impossible to decrypt, through a mechanism that is similar to Blockchain Technology," she adds.

Sanchaita Datta, President, Chief Technical Officer, And Inventor Of Sdwan
Sanchaita Datta is the President, CTO and Co-Founder of FatPipe Networks, the inventor and leader in WAN redundancy and SDWAN technologies for the deployment of mission-critical, web-based business applications.

Sanchaita Datta's most notable accomplishments include securing thirteen patents that cover the core functionality of SDWAN and FatPipe's technology. Datta was the 2009 award recipient of the YWCA Outstanding Achievement in the category of Business and Industry. She was the recipient of the 2008 Women Tech Council's coveted Technology Innovator Award. She was also a recipient of Connect Magazine's 2006 Reader's Choice Award, '25 People Who Most Influenced Business in Utah'. She was chosen as one of Utah's top female executives by Utah Business magazine and was awarded the Woman Innovator Award by the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce in recognition of her accomplishments in the field of communications technology. She serves on the Board of the Utah System of Higher Education that governs all the colleges and universities in the State of Utah.

Her efforts in creating and developing the router-clustering concept have helped FatPipe receive numerous accolades in the IT industry and business community. She is a technology wizard and was also one of the first voting members of the IEEE's Standards Committees for 100 Mbits/s technology and Wireless LANs.

Fatpipe Mpvpn - Making Application Flow More Reliable, Redundant, & Exponentially Secure
FatPipe MPVPN ­ FatPipe Network's flagship product is the original SD-WAN product. MPVPN takes any application flow and makes it many times more reliable and exponentially more secure using FatPipe's MPSEC technology. This technology allows an application flow to be sent across multiple paths with sub-second failover if a path goes down. MPVPN allows diverse access across broadband, 3G/4G/LTE wireless, and private/MPLS/public Internet networks. MPVPN allows these diverse networks to work together in order to eliminate last-mile outages.

Enhancing Cloud-Based Firewall Deployment
FatPipe Networks provides Cloud Hosted Security solutions by perfectly understanding your cloud requirements. One of the emerging trends in enterprise networks is to steer Internet destined traffic to Secure Web Gateways (SWG). These SWGs act as a firewall in the cloud, providing the same web filtering, anti-malware protection, and traffic logging a premise-based firewall would provide.

FatPipe enhances a cloud-based firewall deployment by tunneling traffic to the cloud gateway, using either a GRE or IPSec tunnel across multiple WAN connections. In addition, trusted locations can be propagated to the branches to allow traffic destined for those sites to bypass the tunnel for more efficient routing. Only the return packets from sessions originating within the branch's LAN will be allowed inbound through the FatPipe device. This allows FatPipe to effectively service chain with only the popular cloud-based firewalls or secure web gateways available.
Automatic Voip Failover
FatPipe technology has a unique feature to ensure that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) traffic is `always up' as it keeps calls connected during a failover, avoiding interruptions and dropped calls.

Fatpipe Xtreme - Connects Multiple Links Of Disparate Technologies, Seamlessly
FatPipe Xtreme is one of FatPipe's many unique product offerings. FatPipe Xtreme provides the highest levels of resiliency and redundancy to Enterprise Edge and DC Networks as it seamlessly bonds multiple links of disparate technologies such as MPLS, ILL, Broadband, 4G, and more,. to create a virtual bonded FatPipe. FatPipe XTREME is available at all speeds up to 40Gbps. FatPipe also provides a single site WARP secure SDWAN Solution.

Fatpipe Wan Optimization
FatPipe provides advanced WAN Optimization techniques in the same SD-WAN appliance with unique attributes of Byte Level Optimization and Multi-Line optimization.

Serving Customers With The Best Services
Apart from having a unique SD-WAN product, FatPipe Networks constantly stays ahead of the other players in this landscape owing to its healthy corporate culture that constantly motivates employees to rise to the occasion. FatPipe Network's ethos is focused on providing its customers with the best services.

The Future Of SD-Wan Adoption
SD-WAN adoption in India is experiencing exponential growth. Moving forward, FatPipe intends to continue its research and development towards the next generation of high-speed networking and hybrid WAN solutions.

A look at all the SD-WAN technical features with magnifying glass becomes critical for Enterprise Network and Security Leaders to ascertain the differential SD-WAN operator having multiple years of SD-WAN experience for the Network transformation journey.

The Real SD-Wan ­ Superior Technical Features With Reduced Cost
The SD-WAN market is taking off in India. Post-pandemic, enterprises are moving quickly to adopt the latest technologies as they embark on their network transformation journey. CIOs are now responsible for the dynamic and expanding business demands from their CXOs.

"FatPipe Networks, the inventor of SD-WAN, provides enterprises with the best SD-WAN offering. FatPipe SD-WAN differentiates itself with its technically superior features, reduced total cost of ownership, and customer-friendly service model through its India-based Global R&D, Product, and Operations Centre," says Praveen Shinde - Vice President, India Sales.

FatPipe - the inventor and multile patent holder of SD-WAN, and WAN Optimization products specializes in offering solutions that excel/transcend WAN failuers to maintain business continuity with improved Network Security for Enterprise Network Captive Data Centers, Cloud Workloads and Network Edge Infrastructure

The `Real SD-WAN' is derived from FatPipe Networks patents. FatPipe's patents cover tools and techniques for efficient, reliable, and secure navigation of data/voice/video packets across disparate networks.

"FatPipe provides the highest level of reliability, security, optimization, and acceleration as it runs the network. FatPipe manages networks without the underlying routing protocol on the WAN side, which makes the Network `light weight' to ensure lightning speed switchover and faster packet transfer. FatPipe, through its patented technology, maintains application sessions across disparate lines during data transmission to provide another differentiated feature of seamless failover without traffic duplication that results in huge savings in bandwidth costs," affirms Harish Motwani - Exec VP, Strategic Sales and Solutions, India.

FatPipe SD-WAN, with its native capabilities, provides firewall/UTM functionality for all load- balanced lines. FatPipe SD-WAN provides intrusion detection and prevention, web filtering, content filtering, DDoS, virus, and spam control, and allows system admins to control web access. FatPipe technology obfuscates internet traffic, making it almost impossible to decrypt. FatPipe SD-WAN does this through a mechanism similar to Blockchain Technology.

FatPipe aggregates and dynamically load-balances multiple private and public, wired and wireless, MPLS, Internet, 4G/ LTE links using its patented MPSec or Multi-Path Security technology. FatPipe supports comprehensive application identification, classification, and control capabilities. Layer-7 Application Routing Rules allow administrators to focus on the desired business intent or application performance intent for routing decisions instead of network level routing.

Fatpipe SD-Wan Provides Reliability, Security, Automation, Adaptability, & Agility With Higher Return On Investments
Router Technology is being replaced with futuristic SD-WAN technology, which has higher returns on investment. FatPipe can provide overall cost savings of more than 50 percent through its broad range of product features including - a single multi-function device that replaces the need for many networking devices, not duplicating traffic for seamless failover that saves about 50 percent of bandwidth, MPSEC technology which further optimizes overhead and controls bandwidth usage, and FatPipe's advanced WAN Optimization techniques which result in additional bandwidth savings with multi-fold improvements in application performance and end-user experience.