Briskinfosec Technology and Consulting: Spreading its Footprints across the Globe via Unrivaled Security Solutions

CIO Vendor The global cyber security market size was valued at $167.13 billion in 2020 and is expected to register a CAGR of 110.9 percent from 2021 to 2028. The increasing sophistication of cyberattacks is responsible for the market's rise. Its no wonder that the market is growing. A few days back an old video of Britain's Prime Minister office was leaked online. There was no way that this gets out of the government server. PM Modi's twitter account was hacked a day before by Cryptohacker and even in March 2020. No one is safe online: Government Businesses & Individuals. All are vulnerable. Therefore, organizations today are looking for Enterprise Security Solutions providers who would provide them with high-security solutions.

Perfect Cybersecurity Partner
One such global information security firm specializing in the development of novel security and compliance solutions as well as the development of high-security solutions is Briskinfosec. Briskinfosec is a name to remember for cybersecurity & compliance solutions. Its fundamental competency in conducting diverse security assessments has earned it success and recognition from all of its valued clients across a wide range of industries. Over the years, the firm has built a reputation for providing industry leaders with top-notch information security quality across the globe. "At Briskinfosec, we make a lucrative impact that matters for our clients, our people, our profession, and to the border society by delivering the solutions and insights they need for addressing their most complex business challenges," signifies Arulselvar Thomas, Director at Briskinfosec.

Significantly, Briskinfosec's BINT LAB (Brisk Intelligence Laboratory), an indigenous CoE (Center of Excellence) cybersecurity research lab, is one of the primary aspects that set the firm apart from the competition. Here, research and development are aimed at making
today's system more secure while also considering how to protect future technology. NCDRC MAST and Zero Trust Frameworks are two cybersecurity frameworks created and published by BINT Labs. Threat Exploit Adversary reports are distributed to the community every month in order to discover significant attacks with serious consequences. It has conglomerated a vast library of resources containing blogs, white papers, and security assessment tools to help in managing and creating smart cybersecurity solutions. Till date, the firm has published 100+ cyber Monday Awareness quotes, 10 Wake Up CXO awareness articles, four White Papers, and 15 Case Studies.

A team of highly motivated professionals focused relentlessly on securing the clients' information infrastructure from cybersecurity threats

"We are proud of our research, which has had a significant influence both in terms of presenting our findings to the general public and to our clients. The research team was effective in uncovering vulnerabilities in large enterprise applications from some of the world's most well-known technological corporations, including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as a number of other commercial and public sector organizations around the world," signifies Arulselvar.

Excellence at Par
The firm has been affiliated with the National Cyber Defence Research Centre (NCDRC), affiliated with the council of CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability), honoured with the `Award of Excellence in cybersecurity' by CSA (Cloud security alliance), and empanelled with ISO/IEC 27001. Furthermore, the company has been listed in `The India Book of Records' for reporting 8000 vulnerabilities in less than four hours. Overall, it demonstrated its dedication to information security management and pointed at the firming up of its credentials as a managed service provider. And, while the company strives to achieve new heights, it is guided by the goal of becoming the industry's first to defend its clients' information infrastructure.