AccelPro: Futuristic & Revolutionary Secure Remote Access Solutions

CIO Vendor Today, Businesses across the globe understand the need for robust, end-to-end security implementation for their organizational growth. This is because of the rapid Digitization in recent years. The major security challenge across the market verticals is the endpoint machines as they were left mostly unmanaged. This has resulted in the major factors for Enterprise Security Solution which are Secure Remote Access, Work from Anywhere, End-point Device Compliance, Strong Multifactor Authentication, Granular Access Control, Fast Network Access, and User Productivity. Delhi-based AccelPro Technologies offers next-generation Secure Access Platforms that provide easy-to-implement and always updated end-to-end Secure Access Products resulting in zero-trust secure access scenarios for all Enterprise sizes. Security Protocols Automation is at the center stage for AccelPro. The company's products are simple to implement, configure, and easy to use, implementing security policies automatically without much manual interference helping organizations in achieving secure networks.

Zero Trust Secure Access ­ Guaranteed
AccelPro's easy and efficient Cyber Security Solutions and Products auto-mate their security policy implementations across the distributed work-force and achieve zero trust network architecture and zero trust secure access platforms. AccelPro's world-class R&D Team has come up with innovative products that are faster than their conventional counterparts. These offer a comprehensive suite of Secure Access Product features like Auto-mating Secure Access Procedures and Policies, Cloud-like experience from the appliances, Deployment Flexibility, and Better Engineering Support. The company provides highly stable Enterprise-class products with the wide range of product offerings such as multi-point product features inbuilt into a single product offering giving higher Return on Investment and highly effective zero trust secure access all the time.
The company keeps innovating its product offering with its cutting-edge technology in the Secure Remote Access segment that differentiates AccelPro from the rest of the vendors in the market. For Secure Cloud Access, AccelPro is offering a multi-dimensional approach in terms of product deployment and solution architecture. While in the Hybrid Cloud Access scenario, clients can securely access their applications in the cloud using AccelPro. As AccelPro instances can be created with any of the Cloud Service Providers such as AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and more, the customers can securely access their applications in the cloud.

As a dedicated vendor providing Secure Access Solution, AccelPro provides a vast array of product features like Multi-factor Authentication, Device Authentication and Discovery, Auto SMS OTP 2 FA, TOTP-based 2FA using Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator Apps, Auto Unique Device ID and MAC ID binding, AccelPro Digi Secure for user's digital identity, Auto User Certificate Creation, User ID lock, Unique User-Client Installation pack-age, Geo-fencing for Access Restriction, Group-based Network Access Controls, Endpoint Compliance Engine with auto EPC signatures up-date, WAN Optimization, and many more extraordinary features.

Delivering Specialised Dedicated Secure Access Products and Solutions for a decade, AccelPro has become one of the top Enterprise Security Solution Providers

Being a well-focused company, AccelPro delivers dedicated Secure Access Products with all relevant product features meeting organizational Secure Remote Access and Management goals effectively. For a decade, AccelPro has successfully served more than a hundred Enterprise and Telco clients like Reliance Communications, Mitsubishi, Eicher, Luminous, Honda, and many more meeting their Secure Remote Access needs. In near future, AccelPro will be launching highly advanced Secure Remote Access and Management products which will be including several products/solutions into a single AccelPro product which will effectively deliver great value to customers.