Terralogic: Rendering Next Generation Cyber-security Solutions

CIO Vendor As businesses are digitally transforming their infrastructure, it is not only bringing efficiency and productivity in operations, but also opening critical concerns related to security. The top management faces the daunting challenge of preventing security breaches/attacks from interfering with the smooth functional delivery. Large enterprises find themselves dealing with rapid business expansions and increased vulnerabilities such as bad actors and system threats, API integrations, shared connections, IP and critical customer data, which put together, become a burden to be handled and may give rise to serious risks due to non-detection. Moreover, various organizations deploy different cybersecurity tools (Security Controls), however, just about less than half make the effective use of it. A lot of these tools work in silos and integration complexities make them harder to manage and are mostly inefficient. Hence, it is crucial to take support from an able MSSP to maintain and upgrade these solutions.

Understanding the current need of the hour, a company that is acting as a robust defender for its clients is Terralogic. With a vision to become a one stop destination for 360 degree Cyber-security capabilities, the company offers services to organizations across incident detection, spear-phishing, malware, data leaks and downtime through consultative and holistic approach; thereby justifying itself as a go-to company for all security needs. The company also provides Audit and Cyber preparedness support by advising on regulatory requirements and compliance guidelines. With its risk management and governance support, it helps businesses in documenting and better preparing and mitigating inevitable breach scenarios.

One Stop Solution for Security Concerns
Removing siloed views with integrated approach to address today's security needs, Terralogic is a stepping stone for building next generation Cyber-security intelligence and analytics driven journey. It delivers an end-
to-end security visibility to ensure effective guardianship. Furthermore, it provides best-of-breed IR platform to address bottlenecks to respond, analyze and linkup, improving clients' mean time to respond (MTTR) while keeping fragmented workflow structure to rest and kick off intelligence. Terralogic also has a specialized offering on Endpoint Detection and Response which drives value by enabling threat hunting, granular visibility, analytics, lateral behavior, and real time forensics to get rid of forensic data silos.

By creating and nurturing a leadership driven, employee enabled, and innovation centric work culture, we aim to create the best value for our customers in everything we do

Partnering with Terralogic means driving value with highest standards of governance and culture for organizations as it has been successfully aiding organizations in maintaining trust of their customers and build a successful Enterprise. It carefully understands every security pain point of clients, depending on the industry they are catering to and accordingly provides tailor made solutions and services which are not only outcome driven, but cost effective as well.

Terralogic empowers its clients with state-of-the-art iSOC facility and ISO 27001 and NIST linking. In summary, they provide full cycle IR, Centralized Enterprise Visualizations, strategy and consulting, TVM and Security analysis, robust detection layer on clients' platform, deep analysis of incidents, integrated approach, SCADA extension and integration at any point of time.

“By creating and nurturing a leadership driven, employee enabled, and innovation centric work culture, we aim to create the best value for our customers in everything we do,” says Sandeep Vijayaraghavan, Head – Cybersecurity, Terralogic.