Agileintelli Network: Creating a Safe & Secured Environment in Handling the Day to Day Activities of Businesses

CIO Vendor The pace at which digitalization is taking over industries, the resultantly generated personally identifiable information (PII) including financial footprints of people are under open sky for hackers and cyber criminals to exploit. “Assessing the organization’s risk posture based on Value at Risk, so that they can see what is at stake and what kind of cyber security investment need to be made. This can be achieved through a custom-built risk reduction plan which will be based on the organization’s industry and unique customer profile”, opines Syed Rizwan, Co-founder, Agileintelli Network. Bengaluru based Agileintelli Network pro-actively identifies risks and reduces them using automated playbooks, breach & attack simulations and threat intelligence feeds. Agileintelli Network is an IT Solution Provider having primary focus on building Unified Infrastructure for Wired / Wireless Networking, FTTx, Data & Network Security, Cyber Security, Surveillance, Software solutions and Infrastructure Managed Services.

The Core Team of Experts
Agileintelli understands the customer pain-point areas and builds a POC to instill confidence in customers to freeze the solution. Agileintelli ensures excellent L1 & L2 support while speeding the turnaround time on L3 support in coordination with the product OEM. “We are customer centric, not a brand specific company. Based on the customer’s requirements, we design and propose the right fit product”, says Rizwan. Syed Rizwan, Co-founder & Chief Sales Officer has about 20 years of experience in Business Development & Sales of IT Hardware, Software and Networking Products, before co-founding Agileintelli. The other Co-founder & Director, Syed Abdul Kadar too, has more than 20 years of experience in Service Delivery, HR and Process implementation in Team Computers, before Agileintelli. Carrying more than 15 years of experience in Solution designing, the third
Co-founder and Managing Director, Bharath Dhanaraj, has successfully implemented various IT projects from his previous organizations.

We are customer centric, not a brand specific company. Based on the customer’s requirement, we design and propose the right fit product

Agileintelli’s offerings work with any Internet Service Provider (ISP), FQDN, static and dynamic IPs. Moreover, the same are provided with VPN Concentrator in HO and router in branch locations. SSL VPN enabled with Failover connectivity, the solutions provide 99.9 percent uptime across HO and branch locations. Easy access to branch locations with Router via VPN IPs, content filtering for branch locations, and reduced IT team work load of restarting IPSec clients from store location, are all crucial features of the Agileintelli’s offerings. Particularly, Agileintelli Network’s Data & Network security solutions include Data Leak Prevention, Data Encryption, Two Factor Authentication, Enterprise Rights Management, Identity Access Management, SIEM, Unified Threat Management, and VPN Solutions. Agileintelli offers unique Smart Surveillance solution which does pro-active monitoring, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence. This solution adds intelligence to Surveillance systems to analyse live videos in real-time and instantly sends 5-way alerts to protect assets. This Smart Surveillance software is interoperable with the existing NVR and Camera, thereby requiring no additional investment.

In the years to come, Agileintelli Network has planned to start specialized services unit catering to the security domain, which includes installation and support services.