IARM Information Security: Securing Networks with a Multifaceted Security Framework

CIO Vendor In today’s day and age, the internet and a broad range of technologies have permitted businesses to communicate with a gamut of people and organizations in new and strategic ways. However, this gives rise to an influx of sensitive information that could be prone to malicious cyber attacks. While most organizations label cyber security as an IT department problem, it is fundamentally a strategy and business concern. As businesses gradually accept it as a business concern, a plethora of InfoSec vendors have penetrated the market who just offer audit and assessment services but fail to proffer the appropriate solutions to the identified problems and secure the organization from recurring threats. Setting themselves apart from such vendors is Chennai located IARM Information Security with their novel and innovative ADIO (Assess, Design, Implement and Operate) framework.

The worldwide accepted framework provides end-to-end information/cyber security solutions as per the customer's unique requirements. With the perfect mix of industry rich expertise and technical know how, the highly adept team are also flexible in offering their services in one or a combination of ADIO. The Company goes one step further and educates their inventory of customers stating that selecting the right tools and implementation alone will not offer Information Security but the culture and the acceptance by key personnel across the organization is what sets the differentiator for the success of Information Security.

With various businesses lacking the required knowledge or skill about risk assessment methodology when it comes to Cyber Security, IARM with its skilled personnel come to the aid with their impeccable expertise in areas of Infrastructure Management, Application and Database Management, Cyber Security and Cloud Management. Additionally, the Company prides itself on their Security
Operating Centre(SOC),established to have round-the clock monitoring and Management of Information Security, Incidence Management and Breach Response Management. The Company is involved in transformation of their Customer Network Operating Centre(NOC) into Secured Network Operating Centre(S-NOC)through their Managed Security Services Program(MSSP). By this approach,the Company is able to deliver the best of both,i.e. Network and Security Monitoring and Management.

The team works in tandem, ensuring that the Information Security Framework and principle are coupled with the SDLC framework and not as an addon or an upgrade pack.

Strongly believing that Information Security plays a pivotal role in forming the foundational layer of any product or service, the company promotes the importance of incorporating Security as Base Line Architecture to its customers. The team works in tandem, ensuring that the Information Security Framework and principle are coupled with the SDLC framework and not as an add-on or an upgrade pack.

With a vision to offer futuristic solution to Customers, the Company has begun working on the Artificial Intelligence,IOT, and robotics security sectors. In conjunction with this, the team is currently working with some of the leading educational institutions to build skills in the most advanced technologies of Information and Cyber Security.

IARM has a strong Customer base across all industry verticals and envisions increasing their global footprint by their expansion programme.