WiJungle: Delivering the First Made-In-India NextGen Firewall and Hotspot Gateway Appliance

CIO Vendor According to a Gartner forecast, spending on information security products and services in India will swell to an estimated to USD 1.7 billion in 2018. The government’s push towards a digital economy has made the enterprise security market in India extremely lucrative. Motivated by these trends, a number of home grown startups are now jumping into the field to capture a share of this market. However, the Indian Enterprise Security market remains largely dominated by international brands.

One home grown player that has been making its attempts to drive the enterprise security market in the country is Jaipur based Httpcart Technologies. Putting forth the Made in India product WiJungle, an advanced Gateway Appliance which delivers NextGen Firewall/UTM and Hotspot Gateway capabilities, Httpcart Technologies aims to revolutionize the Indian market, while expanding its presence throughout the globe. The solution has already found its implementation in corporate enterprises, education, and retail while carving out a niche in hospitality, healthcare, and transportation industries.

Karmesh Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Httpcart Technologies takes us through the features of WiJungle Built with a unique location based/location awareness & zero IP configuration feature, the solution enables organizations such as hotels and hospitals to extend the benefit of network connectivity right from the moment the guest steps into its premises. Location awareness feature facilitates users with a number of captive portals that leverages identity specific details such as phone number and social media login to make access to the internet easy and secure. Scope for integration with PMS (Property Management System) and access through vouchers makes managing guest access and distribution of bandwidth fairly easy.
Equipped with a robust SSD, WiJungle also brings in the capability to store all details, pertaining to surfing logs, to be stored in the system for over a year, thus freeing up clients from making additional investments on storage servers. Another advantage that clients are likely to experience with WiJungle is a flexible software renewal policy where by clients can choose to make a one-time investment on WiJungle, while the solution continues to function seamlessly without software renewals. However, if clients do choose to continue using the software without renewals, software updates, new features and 24/7 call and email support are all likely to be halted. Alert Management, SMS Gateway Integration, Access management, Content Filtering, Network Management, VPN, AntiVirus, AntiSpam are few others amongst the WiJungle’s competitive features.

WiJungle is an advanced Gateway Appliance which delivers NextGen Firewall/UTM and Hotspot Gateway capabilities

WiJungle is a highly cost effective solution that largely operates through a strong network of channel partners. Apart from a host of competitive features, what enables WiJungle to create a distinction in the market is the team’s emphasis on transparency and awareness such as one to one demo/training session where every minute detail and feature of the product is thoroughly explained.

Talking about the future roadmap of the company, Karmesh Gupta shares that the firm is currently focusing on further strengthening security by assisting clients to assess their current IT infrastructure so that the network vulnerabilities can be eliminated before deploying a firewall. The firm also plans to automate a number of features of WiJungle. Clients can also expect WiJungle OS version 8.0 to hit the market soon.