Entrust Datacard - Levitating Enterprise Security by Propounding Identity-based Solutions

CIO Vendor With flexibility and accessibility of cloud-based technologies, increasing data and more mobile workers, organizations are confronted with new identity challenges. Many distinct digital identities are getting evolved which are becoming difficult to manage and the need to secure business-critical information has never been this crucial before. Entrust Datacard, headquartered in Minnesota, USA, proffers secure transaction technologies and identity-based solutions that streamline and safeguard access to facilities, networks and the cloud for employees and other authorized users. Furthermore, the solutions offers scalability which allows enterprises respond quickly to changing security needs. “ We take care of the customization, implementation, delivery and maintenance of all the solutions for the customers to get a high degree of assurance for their solutions to be deployed in the personalized space in cloud“, says Ajay Kumar Regional Marketing Director- Asia Pacific. Moreover Entrust renders digital certificate and identity management solutions that integrate all certificate services, tools and security into a single cloud-based service.

Entrust Datacard offers Datacard Secura Identity Software, a credential management solution as a means to help clients to manage a full range of credentials securely and cost-effectively. The Software develops a single point of control for managing physical and digital identities of users. This helps the software to streamline processes which includes enrollment, identity verification, application approval, document issuance and post-issuance management.

Along the same line, the organization provides mobile-enabled authentication for authorized users thus enabling a frictionless authentication experiences for the consumers through Transaction
Verification, Digital Signatures. Similarly, Entrust designs SSL certificates featuring strong encryption and browser trust to enhance enterprise security. By emphasizing on technical standards and compliance issues, Entrust builds an interoperable ecosystem for cooperation and collaboration across agencies.

Providing customer-engaging solutions across verticals
Similarly, Entrust Datacard empowers government to enhance service levels while strengthening security, mitigating risk and controlling costs by offering solutions for border security as well as for issuing and managing e-passports. Spreading it roots to the BFSI domain, Entrust delivers flexible solutions for card issuance, secure online identity and transaction authentication. The solutions not only create omni-channel experiences that engage consumers by launching EMV products but also safeguard against breaches, optimize card programs and build authentication platforms.

Levitating Enterprise Security by Propounding Identity-based Solutions

Entrust Datacard objectively aims to explore and overcome the challenges in IoTs and to lead the IoT space in the coming years. Additionally, it endeavors to contribute to Smart City concepts by rendering innovative security solutions. Integrating with exalted service providers in the industry, the organization strives to optimize business experiences for organization. Entrust Datacard intends to deploy emerging technology dynamics to provide Enterprise Security solutions that imbibe in itself not just efficiency but also a means to curb excess outages while driving in new revenue for their client’ businesses.